The Reykjavík Children’s Culture Festival is a six day event (29th April – 4th May, 2014) created exclusively for and by the city’s children. Spanning the entire spectrum of cultural activities from dance to drama, the key emphasis is firmly placed on the creative participation of the children themselves. During this week-long celebration of youth, the whole city becomes a stage showcasing a variety of glittering events, performances and creativity.


Reaching all corners of Reykjavik city, the festival programme comprises a mixture of 150 events: performances, workshops, exhibitions, tangible experiences and special events led by experienced professional practitioners, artists, and other people working with children.

The unique aspect of Reykjavík Children’s Culture Festival, and that which sets it apart, is that it places an emphasis on participation, focusing particularly on the child as an artist.

IDNO on Vonarstræti 3, has been renamed the ‘Adventure Palace’ for the duration of the Children’s Culture Festival, and will act as heart and headquarters of the festival’s various operations and activities.